Textiles Project

In December 2017, I collaborated with the school for an art project that the students helped design, and, in which, they were participants.

Students had a chance to create the designs for this piece (each swatch of fabric in this large “quilt” type design will be individually created based on the students’ ideas).

The message of the piece is as follows: Writing students are like artists with a canvas – the results are limitless!

In addition, when the installation was presented– students supported the artwork. (288 square feet of fabric). I incorporated the students directly INTO the artwork. Moreover, the young writers had chance to share a sample of their writing on the actual art work.

The art is inspired by Pia Camil, a Mexican artist who is famous for her installations.

To sum it up, I wanted to conduct a great learning experience for all involved with my textile project. I am so grateful for the opportunity to not only present my art, but have the students working with me in this attempt at an installation with a message. In this day and age, it is so important that our children realize that THEY are the primary focus of education and that good writing will lead them to immeasurable opportunities!

Students become living art installation at Ligonier Valley Middle School

Textiles Gallery